Conservative Treatment Options for Disc Herniations

Treatment options for a herniated disc

If you are dealing with a disc herniation, ruptured disc, or extruded disc, there are many treatments that I recommend in my office that can help alleviate your pain. In most neck and back pain cases in my office, the pain from a herniated disc can be managed with a series of conservative, non-invasive treatments. These can include:

  • Healthy diet to maintain proper body weight
  • Low impact strengthening exercises
  • Stretching techniques like yoga or Pilates
  • Vertebral manipulation (Chiropractic)
  • Over-the-counter or prescription medications

I will monitor your symptoms every visit to make sure you are getting the correct care. Further treatment may be required if you can’t find sufficient relief from these conservative treatments. I can help you get there with the proper diagnostic tests and referrals.