First, the definition of a diet is anything you put in your mouth to eat. A diet does not just mean weight loss. If you eat pizza, burgers, and chips, that is your diet. I always have to emphasize this in my office to my patients.

Over the past 20 years, I have experimented with  many diets. High carbohydrate, low carbohydrate, high protein, low protein, high fat, low fat, etc. Which one works? They all can.

During the past year or so, many patients have been asking about the HCG diet. I did some research, and found out why it works. You only consume 500 calories. Is this a joke? No, it is not.At 500 calories a day, it is pretty much impossible to get all the nutrients you need to support your body. It can be unsafe and 500 calories a day should only be used under the supervision of a qualified physician.

I am going to give you the secret for weight loss. Are you ready? It is CALORIE RESTRICTION. There are no magic pills, no secret workout, and definite no fad diet. You have to burn more calories than you consume. It is that simple.

My opinion of the HCG diet is not favorable. There is no published research or guidelines validating the dosage of HCG, or the effects on weight loss if taken orally. It is a very hard low calorie diet to follow, and the weight will not stay off after you stop the diet. So be ready for the pounds to be stacked back on.

Along with the calorie restrictions, you have to take the hormone HCG either orally(which is a joke) or by injection. What purpose does the HCG hormone play in this diet? If administered by injection, it raises your HCG levels, thus increasing other body hormones, such as the hormone testosterone. Testosterone will slow down muscle breakdown, and help put your body in a muscle building state.  If taken orally, nothing! It breaks down before being able to enter the bloodstream. HCG injections should only be taken with a doctors prescription and supervision…Period!

Anyone limiting their calories to 500 a day will lose weight. It is not safe. I would never recommend it to any of my patients. Oral HCG does nothing to increase hormones in your body. You are wasting your hard earned money. Injectable HCG can only be prescribed by your medical doctor, which I highly doubt he/she will prescribe this for a weight reduction program. HCG is not prescribed for weight reduction, it is used to treat infertility. Remember, this is a drug. You may be allergic to it. It has side effects and can cause birth defects.

Below is a link from the FDA website about HCG products for weight loss. Read it!

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

I would be more than happy to discuss a weight loss program with you also in the office. Just give a call and make an appt stating you would like to talk to me about weight loss.

At some time during the early school years, almost every parent is asked to give permission for his or her child to have a scoliosis exam. Normally, everyone’s spine curves slightly to the right or left and may even have vertebrae that manifest a little twisting or rotation. Scoliosis is an excessive curve or twist of the spine. Remember there are normal curves in your spine. A Scoliosis is a different curve that  can cause health problems.

In most cases, the cause of scoliosis is unknown. Only ten-to-fifteen-percent of scoliosis cases can be traced to a tumor, infection, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, disc problems or birth deformity.

Scoliosis isn’t a terminal condition, and most people can lead a perfectly normal life without ever knowing they have it. In rare cases, where the scoliosis is more than thirty degrees, them may be impaired respiratory or heart function that’s thought to be neurological in origin rather than mechanical.

In my office I have found many curvatures of the spine that were undetected for years. Most mild to moderate cases respond well to the type of treatment I provide in the office. If the scoliosis is a concern, X-rays at an outside facility will be ordered.

Please  bring your child in and have him or her checked.


My family has been taking Omegabrite for some time now. It is even part of my one year old daughters diet, but in less concentrations. Out of all the supplements on the  market, I strongly recommend some type of high grade Omega-3 in the form of DHA and EPA.

There is so much great and valid research on Omega-3 fatty acids. These acids may decrease triglycerides, lower blood pressure, reduce blood clotting, decrease stroke and heart failure risk, reduce irregular heartbeats, lower high levels of inflammation, and in children may improve learning ability.

In my experience, I have lowered my triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. The only change I made was adding Omegabrite to my diet. For me, 2000 mg a day was the dose I needed. Every individual in my opinion is different on their dose needs.

EPA is key in reducing inflammation and lowering triglycerides. It inhibits arachiodonic acid when the levels in your body get too high. Normal levels of arachiodonic acid heals injuries and helps you recover from disease. This is part of the inflammation process.

Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is the cause of many degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and heart disease. High levels of arachiodonic acid can cause this. Foods that are high in arachiodonic acids are egg yolks, organ meats, and red meat. Avoid trans fats.

There are 3 reasons why I chose Omegabrite as my omega-3 supplementation.

First, the pills are small enough not to cause problems while swallowing, and aftertaste is minimal.

Second, I like the ratio of EPA and DHA, which is 7 to 1.

Third, Omegabrite is a 90% pure Omega-3, 70% pure EPA  pharmaceutical-quality fish oil.

You do not have to take the Omegabrite brand of Omega-3 fish oil to get the above health benefits. There are a couple of other brands on the market that are similar. But  out of the above 3 reasons are why my family chose Omegabrite.


Treatment options for a herniated disc

If you are dealing with a disc herniation, ruptured disc, or extruded disc, there are many treatments that I recommend in my office that can help alleviate your pain. In most neck and back pain cases in my office, the pain from a herniated disc can be managed with a series of conservative, non-invasive treatments. These can include:

  • Healthy diet to maintain proper body weight
  • Low impact strengthening exercises
  • Stretching techniques like yoga or Pilates
  • Vertebral manipulation (Chiropractic)
  • Over-the-counter or prescription medications

I will monitor your symptoms every visit to make sure you are getting the correct care. Further treatment may be required if you can’t find sufficient relief from these conservative treatments. I can help you get there with the proper diagnostic tests and referrals.